“I have been a patient of Dr. Feng Jia at the Quality Life Healing Centre  off and on for a few years. I originally went for assistance in quitting smoking and am happy to say after three years I am still not smoking.  I recently returned to Dr. Jia due to chronic foot pain.  Prior to this I did two months of physiotherapy to no avail.  Under the care of Dr. Jia my foot is on the mend with only eight treatments. I would highly recommend the Quality Life for Healing Centre.  With Dr. Jia’s  knowledge and experience you can be confident that he will have a treatment plan that will work for you.”
Mary Richardson

“I started seeing Dr. Jia in December, 2011 on the recommendation of a respected friend. I had suffered a concussion earlier in the year and was suffering from headaches, fatigue, and sleeplessness to name but a few symptoms. Prior to seeing Dr. Jia I was suffering from daily, almost constant headaches which were affecting my life and well being. After the first session I could honestly feel the relief. After the second session I started having days without a headache. I was sleeping better and not quite so tired at the end of the work week. I’ve been seeing Dr. Jia once a week and have steadily seen my symptoms lessen and my enjoyment of life improve. I’m now at the point where I haven’t had a headache for a couple of weeks – wonderful news!! All acupuncture treatments were covered by BlueCross which is wonderful. Dr. Jia is so kind and professional – I am so grateful for the care I’ve received and continue to receive from Dr. Jia! “
Andrea D.

“I have been a patient of Quality Life Healing Centre since September 2011. Dr. Jia has treated me for Anti-aging and overall wellness using Chinese Massage and Acupuncture. I’m very pleased with the results. The lines on my forward and between the burrow of the brow have been minimized greatly and the fine lines by my eyes have completely faded. I would recommend (and have) Dr. Jia for both Acupuncture, Herbs and Massage. I’m very pleased with the results and continue to go, both as a preventative and maintenance plan.”

“I wanted to share my experience with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for curing my hot flashes. The hot flashes were very uncomfortable and frequent. I’m pleased to say that after only 2 weeks of treatment they are gone. I received the acupuncture 2 times per week and take the herbs 3 times per day. So thankful to not have to deal with hot flashes any longer!”

JoAnne Dooks

“Since a motor vehicle accident several years ago, I have experienced considerable right knee pain. Along with physiotherapy, my Physiotherapist recommended I look into acupuncture as an alternative to pain medication. Feeling “what have I got to loose” I contacted the Quality Life Healing Centre, consulted with Dr. Jia and experienced acupuncture for the first time. Relief was immediate and after each session the relief from knee pain was noticeable to me. Today, other than a bum knee, I do not experience anywhere near the discomfort before my sessions with Dr. Jia. I would not hesitate to recommend Quality Life Healing Centre acupuncture services to anyone.”
John Hicks

“After suffering from insomnia and hot flashes due to menopause, a friend recommended I contact the Quality Life Healing Centre for acupuncture. I found Dr Feng Jia to be a kind, respectful and gentle man.  His years of experience are evident in the treatment, as the procedure was pain free and very relaxing. After the needles are inserted you are left for a half hour to listen to soothing music to relax and meditate. After my fifth treatment I am sleeping soundly and my hot flashes have been eliminated. As an added bonus,  I have a lot more energy as well. I am very happy with the results and without a doubt I would highly recommend  Dr Jia and the Quality Life Healing Centre.”
Suzanne Switzer

“As a healthcare professional I support and encourage modern medical care. I also understand how traditional Chinese and modern medicine can compliment each other. After 20 years of chronic neck pain related to a motor vehicle accident ,I decided to give acupuncture a try. I had 12 treatments of acupuncture along with herbal medicine therapy and I have complete range of motion in my neck again! I am able to look over my left shoulder without turning my body. I suffered from frequent headaches related to the inflammation in my neck, I have not had a headache since starting my therapy . I also receive treatment for menopause/ hotflashes , I cannot believe that my hotflashes have been eliminated! I am sleeping better as a result of my treatments. Acupuncture is NOT painful , you are aware of a sensation, certainly not that of a needle. The fact that this treatment is now covered by most insurance providers should be an indicator of how this traditional Chinese treatment is now accepted . Dr. Feng Jia is very professional , very knowledgeable , friendly and he does not dismiss modern medical treatment, this was very important for me. I am so thankful that I found Dr. Jia and The Quality Life Healing Center!”